Evermore Pledge
Evermore Pledge
A legal, lifelong contract for lovers.

Live by the promises you make.



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Marriage is a contract. 

To sign that contract is to make a promise to

live life together with common goals.

Make your goals official. Your lifelong contract begins with "I do". 

From that point on, your life together is what you make of it. 

The Evermore Pledge will formalise your future plans with a written agreement 

For ever more.


M2.2 Independent Legal Evermore Pledge;

a legal and practical lifelong agreement between two loving individuals.


Your marital contract, the contract of love, can be customised and designed to reflect the relationship that you want to have. 

The Evermore Pledge is an individually designed, all inclusive legal and financial solution for families, no matter what stage of their marital journey.  It can bring to life the commitments you have made and aid as a powerful tool to grow together.

Throughout life we will celebrate love and also experience stresses that are unavoidable; moving, illness, birth, death, divorce... Although we cannot control these events, we can control the way that we deal with them and ensure that the people we care about are in the best possible situation should a tragic event occur.


The Evermore Pledge is the most selfless and honest decision you will make as a couple.


The Evermore Pledge is designed to:


A.      Complement marriage so that those already married (or about to be) can structure their legal and financial future

B.       Form an independent agreement; an alternative to marriage for couples who don’t want to (or cannot) be married but want the same legal and financial protection as those who are wed under the Marriage Act 1961.


It’s time to celebrate equal rights and embrace the future, mapped out with a plan that is yours alone.

The Evermore Pledge; an affordable legal solution; conceived by One Celebrant and devised and implemented by Nevile & Co. Commercial Lawyers.






For every couple in love


No matter what stage in life you are at right now, there is no time like the present to think about your future; particularly if you are a parent, have joint assets with people other than your partner or have had past relationships dissolve.  The Evermore Pledge is relevant for every couple regardless of sexuality, race, religion and location.

Are you:

  • a newlywed couple?
  • planning to marry soon?
  • a defacto couple who don't want to marry but do need legal and financial security?
  • technically unable to be married?
  • one of the many Australians who do not believe in the concept of marriage under government or church and simply want your promises to be exactly that; YOURS.

The Evermore Pledge is the next step when planning your life together. 





What is included in the Evermore Pledge?



These days relationships can be quite complex. Often, couples marry or make commitments later in life by which time, they have accumulated assets. There are also in many situations blended marriages, with children from previous relationships.

Frequently, the parents of one of the couple might provide financial assistance for a variety of reasons, in particular, purchasing a property. They often wish to protect that loan or assistance in the event of a breakdown in the relationship. There is also a question of who will be responsible for children, and generally to ensure that the wishes of the deceased party are met.

Having a Will, and reviewing and amending it (if required) each time there is a change in your personal and/or financial circumstances, ensures your assets are managed and distributed in accordance with your wishes.

We understand that these are not issues many people wish to consider. Unfortunately, if they are not addressed, they are often left until it is too late and an event has occurred. We are happy to discuss with you either together or individually, your respective situations as most situations are different.

In many cases, a simple package of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney is quite adequate and a relatively inexpensive exercise. In more complicated matters, there may be a need for a Testamentary Trust.


Enduring Powers of Attorney                                      

Medical Treatment

None of us can forecast the future. If one partner falls ill unexpectedly, is involved in an accident and is unable to make decisions on medical treatment, then it is sensible to provide the other partner with an Enduring Power of Attorney for Medical Treatment to provide them with the legal power to make decisions about medical treatment.



If one partner becomes incapacitated and unable to make decisions, then again it is sensible and useful for the other party to be able to do so on their behalf by having an Enduring Power of Attorney Financial. Even more so if they are self-employed and running a business.



Binding Financial Agreements & Asset Protection

In some situations, it is sensible to contemplate a Binding Financial Agreement. This is certainly a sensitive area, and much harder to discuss after the event, so we encourage you to at least have the discussion prior to your wedding in a frank and open manner, because in our experience, dealing with these issues prior to entering a relationship is always very much easier than after. The benefit of having in place a Binding Financial Agreement prior to entering a long-term commitment is that it creates certainty of outcome should circumstances change and eliminates the need for Court involvement.


Specialist Financial Advice

Our finance experts will take a look at your current financial situation and give you recommendations and guidance as to the paths you can take to make the most of your investments, assets, income and superannuation.







Family Law can incur great expense but with these affordable packages from Nevile & Co. Commercial Lawyers, the legalities are affordable.  Love is an investment.  It's about sharing your life with another and protecting them in the worst case scenario. 


CORE PLEDGE - in sickness and in health

These legal documents will provide security and protection with regards to next of kin, power of attorney, beneficiaries etc. We have matched it with a Lovers' Pledge and a review of your finances. (We have made it really easy to change your name too!)

· Independent Lovers' Contract

· Online portal review form to fill in followed by a Skype  interview with the legal team representative

· 2 x Completed Mutual Wills

· 2 x Enduring Power of Attorney

· Binding Financial Agreement introduction information

· Financial Health Check from our Finance Expert

· Independent Contract: Personalised Lovers' Pledge

· Easy online system to assist you in changing your names (should you wish)


Valued at $8,900

Our Price:



Complete Pledge - for richer and poorer

In addition to the Core Pledge, you can choose to include a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA). This is the ultimate symbol of respectful consideration for your partner's future and wellbeing.

A Binding Financial Agreement can cover:

- financial settlement (including superannuation entitlements)

- financial support of one partner by the other after the breakdown of the relationship

- any incidental issues.

For a financial agreement to be legally binding, each party must receive independent legal and financial advice before signing. We have included the cost of two independent legal firms in the price.


Valued at $15,000 - $20,000

Our Price:



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